Binding Services


Spiral binding plastic coils are one of the most popular traditional binding methods available. They consist of a continuous spiraled coil that is made of a durable and flexible plastic. To bind, these spiral coil binding spines are spun through several closely spaced holes, and then crimped in on the edges. They allow your book pages to flip all the way around from front to back, and are extremely flexible and durable, so will bounce-back to their original shape, even after heavy use and bending. This makes them the best binding solution for schools, traveling sales people, product manuals, employee handbooks, fundraising books, and so much more. 


Double Loop Wire Binding

Double wire is a continuous metal wire that is formed into pairs of loops that are connected together to make up a binding element. The loops resemble a letter C when open and viewed from the end. After the pages are loaded onto the element, the wire is closed into a circular shape. Double Wire gives your books a very professional appearance, allows the pages to turn very easily, and lets the book lay completely flat when open. The pages remain aligned when opened so spreadsheets, charts, graphs, and illustrations that extend across the middle of the book will remain correctly aligned. Pages may also be wrapped around to the back of the book which marks your place in the book and gives it half the footprint, all while remaining flat. Double Wire binding can be referred to by  other names Ring-Wire® Bindings, Twin Loop Bindings, Double Loop Rings, Wire-O®


Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is commonly used for catalogs, directories and paperback books that have a higher page count. Pages are glued together at the spine with a strong, flexible glue. The cover is wrapped around the glued pages, and the brochure or catalog is then trimmed to its finished size.

Perfect Binding Requirements



  • We use Hot Melt EVA glue. 
  • All perfect bound books must deliver with collated bodies. 
  • All perfect bound covers must deliver 1/4" to 1/2" oversized 
  • All perfect bound covers must deliver scored if needed. 
  • All perfect bound book bodies must deliver a minimum of 1/8" oversized 
  • All perfect bound books must deliver with 5%-10% overs or make-readies. 
  • Make readies must be cut and scored exactly as live book job.
  • Minimum Charge $150.00 on all perfect bound book projects